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Fundraiser Updates

App Discount Card

We are past the half-way mark of our app card league fundraiser.  We need everyone in the league to sell at least one card.  Proceeds from this fundraiser are going to help off-set the cost of the new turf on the infields up at Terrace!  Players that sell three cards will receive a Selfie Stick.  Five cards sold will earn a player a 10 foot cell phone charger.  If a player sells seven cards, they will earn a Reno American Bat Bag which can hold all of their equipment and two bats.  The top 10 sellers in the league will receive a MLB jersey of their choice.  However, they must sell at least 10 cards to be eligible.
All order forms must be turned in by Monday, May 9th to be eligible for the prizes.  To preview the Entertainment App, simply visit Preview.entertainment.com, and share your location or zip code.  All checks need to be made out to Reno American Little League.


RALL Inaugural Hit-A-Thon
On May 22nd, 2016, Reno American will be hosting its inaugural Hit-A-Thon to raise money for field upgrades, new equipment, and to help run a more successful and entertaining little league for all participants. The Hit-A-Thon will be held from 12:30-3:00 p.m at Terrace Sports Complex. All Reno American players are encouraged to participate and show off their hitting skills.
Reno American Little League is a local non-profit Northern Nevada Little League, which allows children from ages 5-12 to play recreational baseball. The league also has a Juniors division which allows kids ages 13-14 to play baseball and hone their skills before heading into High School. As a league, we are always looking for great fundraising events to improve the overall experience for each kid. The Hit-A-Thon is a very fun fundraiser for our children to participate in, with the league handing out prizes to winners who raise the most money. Each player will be allowed three hits off an adjustable batting tee and the pledges will pay an amount per foot for the longest distance of the three attempts. The distance can be anywhere from 50 feet to 200 feet. Pledges can pay an amount from $.10 per foot to any amount per foot. Another donation option is a flat donation of $10, $25, $50, or $100. All donations are tax-deductible! Please visit https://99pledges.com/fund/renoamerican for more information and to make a flat donation or donation per foot for your child, niece/nephew, or grandchild. Reno American thanks you for your donation and we hope to see you all on May 22, 2016.