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Board Member Directory

Executive Board 2016-2017

Board Members:
Steve Brilliant, Eric Brown, Chris Culbertson, Kathy Diethrich, Brandon Dimond, Dan Duvall, Shay Hampton, Cody Johnson, Riley Killingsworth, Steve Knowles, Matt Lamb, Brian Ligon, Tim Loux, Julie LeBlanc-Warneke, Angie McAdara, Jared McAdara, Jason Osborne, Ryan Parkins, Andrew Perini, Sean Ramsey, James Reilley, Dan Rowan, Ryan Sheltra, Grant Smith, Seth Williams, Mike Warmbrodt


Division Representatives:


  • All-Stars/ Post Season Tournaments: Brittany Culbertson (Chairperson), Ryan Sheltra, Brandon Dimond, Kathy Diethrich, Jenni Wilson
  • Cap Day: Will Leek, Phil Scichilone, Brandon Dimond, Adriaan Gilis, Hud Horton, Bob Stecker, Matt Walsh, Del Fonder
  • District 1:  Scott Walquist
  • Equipment:  Brittany Culbertson (Chairperson), Chris Culbertson, Seth Williams, Brandon Dimond
  • Fall Ball: Tim Loux (Chairperson), Steve Brilliant, Paul Peterson, Scott Walquist, Seth Williams
  • Field & Maintenance: Jason Gilles (Chairperson), Christ Culbertson, Eric Brown, Mike Warmbrodt, Riley Killingsworth, Ryan Parkins, Sean Ramsey, James Reilley, Brandon Dimond
  • Finance: Cody Johnson (Chairperson), Steve Bemus, Scott Walquist, Paul Peterson, Steve Knowles
  • Fundraising/ Outfield Signs:  Andrew Perini (Chairperson), Cody Johnson, Jason Gilles, Julie LeBlanc-Warneke, Brian Ligon, Dan Rowan, Grant Smith
  • Pitch-Hit-Run Contest: Matt Evasovic (Chairperson), Steve Brilliant, Matt Lamb, Jason Osborne
  • Juniors: Ryan Sheltra (Chairperson)
  • NW Fields: Steve Knowles (Chairperson), John Butler
  • Pictures/Trophies: Kathy Diethrich (Chairperson)
  • Registration Coordinators: Jenni Wilson (Chairperson), John Butler, Scott Davis, Riley Killingsworth, Tim Loux, Phill Scichilone
  • RALL Day: Scott Walquist (Chairperson), Steve Bemus, Andy McDowell
  • Pitching Machines: Chris Culbertson (Chairperson), Sean Ramsay
  • Programs: Julie LeBlanc-Warneke (Chairperson)
  • Protest Committee: Major Managers + Umpires
  • Rules: E-Board members
  • Schedules: Scott Davis (Chairperson), Andy McDowell, Del Fonder, Jenni Wilson
  • Security/Background: Phil Scichilone (Chairperson), Riley Killingsworth, Tim Loux
  • Snack Bar: Chris O’Block (Chairperson), Angie McAdara, Jared McAdara
  • Umpires: Del Fonder (Chairperson)
  • Wolf Pack Day: Andy McDowell (Chairperson), Ryan Parkins, Dan Rowan


Monthly meetings are usually held the first Wednesday of the month at 6 pm.

Little League Charter No. 428-01-07