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What are the league boundaries?

RALL Boundary Description

South Boundary– Interstate 80 from Virginia Street to the intersection with West 4th Street (I-80 Exit 8). From the I-80 and West 4th Street intersection (I-80 Exit 8) the South Boundary goes in a southwesterly direction to the California state line and the I-80 intersection (RALL west boundary including the Belli Ranch, Quilici Ranch Road and Old Verdi Road neighborhoods).

East Boundary Virginia Street north of 80 to North McCarran (area encompassing the neighborhoods west of the University).

Additional East Boundary – 395 north between north McCarran and Parr Blvd. (including the “University Terrace” and the Ferrari-McLeod neighborhoods).

North Boundary– Parr Blvd. to Virginia Street. South on Virginia Street to Talus Way (including northern side streets). The boundary then runs west at the base of Peavine Mountain to the California state line and includes the Somersett Parkway, Beaumont Parkway and Las Brisas Blvd. neighborhoods and surrounding streets.

West Boundary– California state line from the base of Peavine Mountain south to the intersection of I-80 and the state line (including the Verdi neighborhoods).

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